Crop Services

Crop production is becoming more and more reliant on an integrated approach to manage naturally occurring biological processes in soils and the surrounding environment as a means to reduce the pressure on crops from weeds, pests and disease without the use of chemicals.

We can help with the whole farm approach to the planning of your crop production systems. Benchmarking individual processes against industry standards for best practice in crop and soil husbandry whilst considering all the other essential parts of your farming enterprise. This advice is delivered through a one to one farm review with an easy to use follow up report and set of recommendations which highlights areas for improvement to avoid unnecessary loss and maintain yields.

We have listed just some of our crop services below, but please call, or email: to discuss your own specific requirements.

Ian Knight - Livestock Services

Our Crop Management & Agronomy Services

Abacus provides crop management and agronomy advice on a wide range of low input and organic crop production systems.

Our team of consultants provide technical expertise across a broad range of cropping systems, managing projects on arable, field scale vegetable and forage crop systems across the country.

Abacus advisers work directly on farm and with corporate clients delivering management advice from field to fork, across the entire supply chain.

Abacus provides professional consultancy services in:

  • Arable production: cereals, pulses, roots
  • Field scale vegetables
  • Agronomy
  • Rotation design
  • Nutrient mangement planning
  • Soil husbandry
  • Marketing, from field to fork

We also work closely with research and development institutes in the UK and Europe and are involved with knowledge transfer projects in many areas of agriculture.