Livestock Services

Taking a holistic and whole farm approach to livestock management can improve your farm business.

Livestock systems depend upon a multitude of key functions that, when managed correctly should complement each other and the farming system as a whole leading to better animal welfare, performance and a more efficient use of resources.

We can help with the planning and integration of animal husbandry, health and welfare, taking into account breeding, nutrition, grazing and forage management, soil fertility, manures and farm infrastructure. This advice is delivered through a one to one farm review with an easy to use follow up report and set of recommendations which highlights areas for improvement for your farm business.

We have listed just some of our livestock services below, but please call, or email: to discuss your own specific requirements.

Ian Knight - Livestock Services

Our Livestock Services

Abacus provides livestock management, and forage crop agronomy advice on a wide range of low input, organic and free-range livestock production systems.

Our team of consultants provide technical expertise across a broad range of livestock systems, managing projects on dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry farms across the country. Abacus advisers work directly on farm and with corporate clients delivering management advice from field to fork, across the entire supply chain.

We also work closely with research and development institutes in the UK and Europe and are involved with knowledge transfer projects in many areas of agriculture.

Abacus provides professional consultancy services in:

  • Livestock husbandry
  • Animal health and nutrition
  • Grassland and forage production
  • Soils, nutrient and manure management
  • Farm business management and reviews
  • Feasibility studies, diversification
  • Farm based workshops and trials
  • Stakeholder knowledge transfer

We also provide advice on all aspects of grassland management using diverse swards to improve animal health and soil fertility.